infrared mirror heaters – the most beautiful way to heat your bathroom
Infrared mirror heaters provide instant heat in the bath. Durable and non-tarnishing,
they can be installed just about anywhere in bathrooms and sanitary facilities.
BURDA Heatpanels with premium mirrored or coloured glass fascias are the perfect alternative for heating bathrooms in an energy efficient manner – whether at home or in hotels, fitness centres or wellness facilities. The compact, energy-efficient BURDA PerfectClime infrared mirror heaters won’t mist up, and provide gentle warmth in any bathroom
infrared shortwave heaters – unbelieveable instant heat
Burda Smart IP24 Bluetooth and Dimmer
wall mounted (British Standard Zone 3) real infrared bathroom  heater for  controlable with Android and Iphone APP and as well with the included remote control. heats absolutely intant- you have to feel it